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Вышел "Полярный Рейс" new film I worked on - Datsyk Mykhailo
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Release “Polar Trip” new film I worked on

Release “Polar Trip” new film I worked on

February 9, 2014 8:08 pm1 comment

In New Years Holiday release new feature film “Polar Trip”, about adventures, through which the main character – pilot ferrying loads far beyond polar circle, returning to his family. The film's director Sergei Chekolov.

I was VFX Supervisor of the project and do many VFX worn on it. It is a pity, that I and my coworkers could not done all job at project and we done many at freelance and at other companies., .. Video and details in the body of the post.

Filming was at terrible cold weather in a military airport, trolleybus station and other places, but atmosphere in the team was great, and many difficult things we din'n notice. I am very grateful to the team who listened to my advice about shooting further processing!

The film can be seen in cinemas and on DVD. Below is a small making off cut from part of which I have worked on. I did Animation(with Yura Borodin), FX, Clouns, Shading, Render. Enjoy watching.

Polar Flight / Polar Trip (2014) VFX making of from POSTMODERN Postproduction on Vimeo.

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